Allergen Bureau Global Membership

The Allergen Bureau continues to gain international recognition and support as an industry organisation promoting best practice food industry allergen management, risk review and consistent labelling to facilitate informed consumer choice. This increasing international recognition – and the launch of VITAL Online in 2015 to a global audience – has resulted in requests from multinational food companies for a global membership and global VITAL Online subscription option.

The Allergen Bureau are pleased to announce that Global Membership and Global VITAL Online subscriptions are now available. In addition to the range of benefits received by our Full Member companies, Allergen Bureau Global Members will receive:

  • Free VITAL Online subscriptions. Your choice of a single free global VITAL Online yearly subscription, or, individual free VITAL Online yearly subscriptions for each regional division of your company (e.g. a separate VITAL Online account for each of your ANZ division; EU division; US division; etc)
  • Four free registrations at Allergen Bureau conferences and workshops with all others at 50% Discount
  • Premium placement of your company logo with web link on the Allergen Bureau website, including on the Allergen Bureau Home Page
  • Free premium placement of your company logo with web link on the monthly Allergen Bureau eNews

See our Membership Flyer for more details on the benefits of Allergen Bureau membership.

For Global Membership and Global VITAL Online subscriptions packages, please contact the Allergen Bureau directly at or + 61 437 918 959.

The Members of the Allergen Bureau include icons of the food industry in Australia and New Zealand – and now internationally – who have given the Allergen Bureau the strong foundation upon which it has built its reputation with business, food industry groups and government food authorities.

The Allergen Bureau mission is to have a globally accepted and consistent approach to food allergen risk assessment, management and communication (labelling), including incidental trace allergen risk quantification, that:

  • guides industry best practice
  • complements allergen labelling regulations
  • enables allergen sensitive consumers to confidently make choices based on label information.