Allergen Bureau welcomed as iFAAM Associate Partner

iFAAM joins Allergen Bureau

The iFAAM project General Assembly has voted unanimously in favour of the inclusion of the Allergen Bureau of Australia and New Zealand as an Associate Partner in iFAAM and they are delighted to welcome us to the project.   As the governance body of the VITAL® (Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling) system, the Allergen Bureau brings important knowledge and systems that are important to iFAAM.  The Allergen Bureau will contribute to iFAAM Work Package 5 (Modelling Allergenic Risk), Work Package 9 (Food Allergen Management – translation to practice) and Work Package 14 (Dissemination).  The Allergen Bureau’s Associate Partnership with iFAAM will also help to extend iFAAM’s reach to Australia and New Zealand.

The European Commission-funded Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management (iFAAM) is the world’s biggest ever study of food allergies and is spearheaded by the University of Manchester.  The Manchester team is working with many partners including industrial stakeholders (represented by Unilever and Eurofins), patient groups representing people at risk of severe allergic reactions from Germany, UK and Ireland and a risk manage and assessor group including the UK Food Standards Agency.

iFAAM will develop evidence based approaches and tools for management of allergens in food and integrate knowledge derived from their application and new knowledge from interventional studies into food allergy management plans and dietary advice. The Allergen Bureau will benefit from being an iFAAM Associate Partner by helping shape the approaches, processes and tools to support robust food allergen management. The Allergen Bureau VITAL vision has always been to support a global approach to allergen risk review and the iFAAM project is also about working toward a global harmonised approach to allergen related activities and management.

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