Allergen Risk Review website aims to improve food labelling and consumer safety

The Allergen Bureau’s new, freely available interactive Allergen Risk Review website is designed to assist the food industry with the process of thoroughly investigating the allergen status of food products and ingredients, from raw materials through to finished products. This process underpins accurate allergen labelling, which in turn helps to protect sensitised consumers from potentially life-threatening allergic reactions. 

The Allergen Risk Review website is based on an interactive factory map that shows where allergen risks can occur in different areas of a food manufacturing facility. Clickable icons depict each area of the facility that can be explored to uncover greater detail and case studies. This easy-to-use format is expandable to include the entire supply chain from primary production to finished product and food service.

Information collected in an allergen risk review provides essential information to a food company when implementing the Allergen Bureau VITAL® Program – a standardised allergen risk assessment process for the food industry.

The VITAL Phase 1 – Risk Review Working Group (made up of voluntary food industry representatives) developed the website, acknowledging that while many people know about the VITAL program, additional resources would support its increased use and help to provide users with confidence they were using it correctly.

The Allergen Risk Review website will be regularly updated by the Allergen Bureau based on user feedback. Please get in touch to share your experience of using the Allergen Risk Review website and send through any suggestions for improvement:
Email or Phone +61 437 918 959.