Canada welcomes new Centre of Expertise on Food Allergen Management

canada food allergen management

A new Centre of Expertise on Food Allergen Management is being established by one of the largest food diagnostics companies worldwide. German company R-Biopharm, in collaboration with Université Laval’s Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods are launching the initiative in Quebec City.

R-Biopharm Canada is reported to be investing an initial US$250,000 to support applied research efforts aiming to develop, validate and disseminate allergen detection methodologies. Much of the funds will be used to support post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. Targeted research initiatives in food allergen management will also be carried out under the leadership of Dr. Samuel Godefroy, Professor of Food Risk Analysis at the Department of Food Sciences of Université Laval and a researcher of the Institute.

Representatives of R-Biopharm are quoted as saying “As a leading food diagnostics company, investing in enhanced food allergen management offers the opportunity to better contribute in improving the safety of food products offered to allergic consumers, not only in Canada, but worldwide”.

Visit the R-Biopharm website to view the full media release.