Celebrating Two Years of VITAL® 2!

VITAL Training

VITAL®2 is two years old this month and it is timely that we celebrate the achievements of the VITAL Program and its supporting team. VITAL was conceived by a working group of the Australian Food and Grocery Council Allergen Forum and the original version was launched in 2007. In 2008 the management of VITAL was passed to the Allergen Bureau and a part time resource was funded by the Allergen Bureau to assist in supporting VITAL.

VITAL was developed by and for the food industry and is the result of the input from many companies volunteering time to develop and maintain VITAL. Feedback about VITAL was received from Allergen Bureau members, the general public, food allergic patients and their support groups, retailers, food industry groups and local and international Allergen Bureau endorsed VITAL trainers. Since the original launch, support for VITAL has consistently grown with members of the food industry becoming extremely proficient with VITAL and using their knowledge to further develop VITAL with the Allergen Bureau. The feedback and support from all these groups helps to develop a resource which is valuable for the food industry and their customers and it is timely to acknowledge and express appreciation for the input from these groups to the VITAL Program.

VITAL 2 was launched in May 2012 and incorporates the recommendations from the VITAL Scientific Expert Panel (VSEP). VITAL 2 has undergone some significant changes and positive feedback has been received, about the transition to the new release, from the food industry. With the support of Allergen Bureau members and the food industry, including VITAL trainers, VITAL is well placed to have continued and growing support.

If you want to find more out about VITAL 2, we recommend attending training with an Allergen Bureau endorsed VITAL Training Provider. VITAL training since May 2012 has been on VITAL 2 and the previous version of VITAL is no longer supported by the Allergen Bureau.

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