Coopers Brewery join the Allergen Bureau

The Allergen Bureau is delighted to welcome Coopers Brewery as our latest Full Member. Members of the Allergen Bureau include icons of the food industry.

A family owned Australian icon, Coopers Brewery has been passionately brewing a range of unique and original beers for six generations, which are enjoyed all around the world. Drinking and tasting a Coopers beer is an experience in discovering a beer full of character and flavour. Coopers strives to bring joy to the drinker from the first instant you see the glass being filled to the time when you drain the last drop. Coopers beers are enjoyed for far more than just how they taste. How a Coopers beer appears so attractive in the glass, and how they taste when you drink one, is all to be savoured as part of the tasting experience.  

Coopers produces a variety of beers, from low alcohol lagers through to stronger ales and stouts. Coopers are known for their natural conditioned (bottle fermented) Ales. This traditional method has been used at Coopers since 1862 and gives these beers their cloudy appearance. After fermentation, a special technique of natural conditioning using the same strain of yeast used for the primary fermentation is used and added to the beer prior to it being packed into bottles, cans or kegs using state of the art equipment. A secondary fermentation and natural conditioning is then carried out in the package in such a way that the yeast is maintained in a healthy state during this second fermentation.

Being a Member of the Allergen Bureau can save you time and money in addressing food allergen issues in a professional way, it can also help you demonstrate your commitment and proactive approach to your staff, suppliers, customers and regulatory authorities.

Small to medium and large food industry businesses in manufacturing, supply or sales involving food allergens, are encouraged to join the Allergen Bureau. Want more information on the benefits of Allergen Bureau membership? – Click here now or call us directly on +61 437 918 959.