FAMS2017 detailed program now available

The 2nd Food Allergen Management Symposium 2017 (FAMS2017), Sydney, Australia – 21-24 May provides a unique opportunity for food industry, researchers, dieticians, clinicians and consumer groups to come together to address the needs of the food allergic consumer.

The theme of FAMS2017 is Global harmonisation of food allergy management – collaboration, innovation, science and communication

A detailed program is now available for FAMS2017.

Click here to download the detailed program

Some program highlights include –

  • Plenary Speaker – Professor Steve Taylor – Opportunities and barriers to global harmonization of food allergen risk management
  • Keynote Presentation – Professor Clare Mills – iFAAM, ring trials and tools for industry
  • Keynote Presentation – Professor Ebisawa – The Japanese approach to regulation and management,10 ppm and its implications
  • Assoc Prof Joe Baumert – Food allergy and an update on the single-dose challenge
  • Dr Kate Grimshaw – Food Allergy Prevention: Where we are now and how we got there
  • Professor Dianne Campbell – The clinical view of food allergen regulations
  • Maria Said – AAA Inc  – Consumers – management and regulations
  • Assoc Prof Joe Baumert – Risk assessment in the real world
  • Rob Antonic – Allergen management, the dairy industry view
  • Dr Sigrid Haas Lauterbach – Best practices in using food allergen testing to support allergen management
  • Paul Valder  –  The gluten-free certification program and its impact on food allergen management
  • Dr Kathy Beck  – Challenges in food allergen management for consumers

 Who Should Attend?

  • Food companies
  • Analytical services
  • Dieticians and nutritionists
  • Food Scientists and technologists
  • Regulatory agencies

To register for FAMS2017, find out more about the program and speakers, or learn about sponsor and exhibition opportunities – Visit the FAMS2017 website now!