FARE announces new Food Allergy research awards

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) in the USA provide annual ‘Investigator in Food Allergy Awards’ to expand the field of experts in biomedical, behavioral and clinical research in order to help improve our understanding of food allergy. The recipients of the 2017 FARE Investigator in Food Allergy Awards share more than US$1 million in research funding, bringing FARE’s investment in this area to US$90 million.

The successful researchers in 2017 will be studying aspects of food allergy including: whether inhibiting enzymes active during allergic reactions can lead to better outcomes for oral immunotherapy; the role of IgE glycosylation (the addition of sugar molecules to allergic proteins) in promoting or limiting allergic reactions; and a unique, inherited predisposition to food allergens that will help us to understand the development of food allergies in the general population.

The FARE Investigator in Food Allergy Awards are supported by donations from generous community benefactors. Recipients are selected by an independent peer-review panel comprising world experts in food allergy research.

Source: www.foodallergy.org/press-room/2017/032117