Food Industry Recall Protocol 7th Edition now available

Food Industry Recall Protocol

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has released a new edition of the Food Industry Recall Protocol. The Protocol has been updated by FSANZ with the assistance of the Australian state and territory food enforcement agencies and the food industry.

This Protocol provides information on recalling food in Australia. It is available on the FSANZ website, and hard copies are available from FSANZ on request.

Key updates in the new edition include: revised recall templates; updated information on communicating recalls to the public; and removal of the reference to the term ‘voluntary recall’ – this term caused confusion with consumers and some businesses who interpreted a ‘voluntary recall’ as meaning it was voluntary for them to take action.

The ‘undeclared allergen’ classification for food recalls was introduced in 2011.Undeclared allergen recalls can occur due to incorrect labelling; incorrect packaging due to processing errors; or contamination of the product by an allergen in the raw ingredient or during the production processes.

For full details of the new edition, go to the FSANZ website.