Happy birthday VITAL® Online

VITAL® Online, the Allergen Bureau user-friendly, web-based VITAL Calculator is two years old!

Launched in August 2015, VITAL Online has quickly gained global acceptance as a food allergen risk assessment tool utilising the robust science of food allergen Reference Doses/thresholds established by the VITAL Scientific Expert Panel.

In the two years since VITAL Online went live, 6,002 individuals have visited the VITAL Online website engaging in 17,197 sessions (non-bounce sessions1). The top ten visiting countries to the VITAL Online website (non-bounce sessions) were:

 Visitors Sessions 
New Zealand3886%1,1987%
United Kingdom3345%4863%
United States2344%3202%
South Africa1302%4292%

Of these,1,857 organisations have registered for a VITAL Online account, with almost 3,000 individual users having access to VITAL Online account through their own username and password. These users have generated over 10,700 VITAL Online Reports.

VITAL Online allows you to:

  • create a VITAL Action Level Grid report based on Reference Amount/Serving Size
  • create a library of ingredients and processing profiles for your organisation that can be used in multiple recipes
  • assess likely sources of allergen cross contact from raw materials and the processing environment
  • review the ability to reduce allergenic material from all contributing sources
  • evaluate the amount of allergen present in a defined Reference Amount/Serving Size against the VITAL Action Levels
  • use a particular precautionary allergen statement according to the level of allergen cross contact identified

VITAL Online has been recognised by both the Australian food industry and the ICT sector as a significant new product development which has achieved successful commercial application. VITAL Online was the winner of the Australian Institute for Food Science & Technology (AIFST) 2016 Food Industry Innovation Award and winner of the 2016 Australian Information Industry Association (aiia) Tasmanian iAwards President’s Award 2016 for Overall Excellence.

Support for the development of VITAL Online was provided by Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) through the SME Solution Centre program

1. In a non-bounce session, the person interacted with the entrance page. Bounce sessions occur when the person leaves the website from the entrance page without interacting with the page.