Improving safety for food allergic travellers

Having food allergies adds a level of complexity to travelling that some people may find difficult, overwhelming, or even insurmountable. A new website has been established to help allergic travellers navigate the world while dealing with issues ranging from: understanding a country’s allergen labelling for pre-packaged food; communicating allergies in a foreign language at restaurants; translating medical needs; and choosing a food allergy-friendly airline. is an online resource and community hub developed and run by four people from different parts of the world who each suffer various food allergies, but who also share a love of travel and adventure.

The website has a facility for people to contribute their first-hand international travel tips such as experiences at restaurants, grocery stores or on airplanes. Travellers with food allergy can apply to join the ‘Trailblazers Club’, providing options for connecting directly with others via social media. Users can also browse and offer reviews and recommendations, some of which are used to rank the best countries to visit and the most ‘allergy friendly’ airlines.

The site also features a forum where travellers can ask questions of each other and gain specific advice. For those planning a local trip or an overseas adventure, there is a blog featuring travel tips, advice and guest posts from other allergic travellers.