Lupin – what next for food manufacturers?

lupin alllergen

On 25 May 2017, the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) was amended to add lupin to the list of allergens that must be declared on food labels.

Under Standard 1.2.3 (Information requirements – warning statements, advisory statements and declarations) lupin is required to be declared where it is present as an ingredient, compound ingredient, additive or processing aid.

You have until 26 May 2018 to update product information and declarations.

All products, including existing ones out on shelves, will need to comply with the new labelling requirements for declaring lupin by 26 May 2018.

To help food manufacturers understand more about lupin – including: where you’ll find it; potential cross contact sources; analysis considerations; and what you need to do – the Allergen Bureau and the Australian Food and Grocery Council have jointly put together a lupin fact sheet for food industry. Click Here to find out more about lupin and what you need to do.

Lupin added to VITAL Online ANZ legislation

Lupin was added to the Australia and New Zealand legislation in VITAL Online on Monday 10th July at 1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (3am same day UTC).

VITAL Online Users will be notified of this change when they login to VITAL Online via a “pop up” message.

Lupin should be included as an allergen in the HACCP-based food safety and allergen management plans for foods produced under the Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions. The resulting allergen status for lupin should be included for each ingredient and processing profile in the affected recipe. In VITAL Online, use the update functionality to update the recipe and add any appropriate changes to the allergen status or assumptions for each component of the recipe. The Allergen Bureau recommends that the VITAL Online account owner manages this process.

It is important to note that when updating a recipe, ingredient or processing profile in VITAL Online (by clicking on the UPDATE button) lupin will be added to the allergen list. In order to complete the update process it is important to ensure that each ingredient and process has been appropriately assessed to determine the intentional or adventitious presence of lupin. If the update process is not completed correctly it will appear as though lupin has been assessed and found not to be present which will not reflect the real status of the allergen.  It is the onus of the user to ensure that each recipe, ingredient and processing profile in VITAL Online is reviewed for the intentional or cross contact presence of lupin.

Refer to the VITAL Online Version history for more information and important actions as a result of this change.