New Allergen Bureau Associate Members – Allergen Control Group; BE Campbell; and Madura Tea Estates

The Allergen Bureau are pleased to welcome a further three new Associate Member companies – Allergen Control Group; BE Campbell; and Madura Tea Estates. Associate membership packages are suitable for small to medium food industry organisations of up to 100 full time equivalent employees – as well as an Individual Associate membership option for individual operators. For multinational and large organisations (>100 FTEs), we offer Global and Full Membership options.

Allergen Control Group

Millions of consumers with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity need an easy and trusted way to identify gluten-free foods. Manufacturers worldwide are also looking for a third-party endorsement to signal their commitment to gluten-free food safety. The Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) is the solution.

The GFCP is a voluntary certification program, founded on proven and globally accepted food safety systems such as HACCP principles, which enables manufacturers to efficiently manage the safe production of gluten-free products. This preventative program minimizes the business risk associated with gluten-free product claims and reduces the likelihood of recalls by establishing gluten controls beyond product testing. Through partnerships with leading consumer celiac organizations, the GFCP endorsed certification trademark on packaging enables gluten-free brands to send the right message to consumers at the point of purchase, thus enhancing brand trust and product loyalty.

BE Campbell

Established in 1969 with a Pastoral heritage dating back to 1860, BE Campbell has become one of Australia’s largest family owned meat wholesalers with a proud history of providing Australian consumers, butchers, supermarkets and the food service industry at large with the highest quality meat products including pork, beef, lamb and chicken.

Available in both Domestic and Export Markets BE Campbell’s signature brands include Bruemar, BE Family, Hilltops and Top Table. BE Campbell’s vision is to be recognized as Australia’s premier meat supplier of choice through the delivery of a broad range of high quality products with a commitment to efficiency, value adding and service excellence by a team of dedicated and talented employees.

Madura Tea Estates

Australia’s only sub-tropical tea plantation, was established in 1978 by a third generation tea planter from Ceylon, Michael Grant-Cook, and his wife Norma. Like the estate’s founders our philosophy remains simple – pure tasting quality tea. Madura Tea Estates continue to strive to ensure our product development, tasting, grading, blending and packing remains Australian – ensuring excellence from plantation to cup.

Our artisans masterfully select and craft our Madura teas to achieve consistency, cup after cup, resulting in an exceptional taste time after time. Our tea is hand crafted to ensure, when brewed, each sip is refreshing, delicious and consistent. All of our blends and single origin teas are packaged and sealed onsite, ensuring freshness and protection from tampering and contamination.

Madura is committed to producing pure, healthy tea that is bursting with flavour and is naturally low in caffeine.

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