New Allergen Bureau Associate Members – Almond Board of California; and Yummies for Little Tummies

The Allergen Bureau are pleased to welcome two new Associate Member companies – the Almond Board of California; and Yummies for Little Tummies. Associate membership packages are suitable for small to medium food industry organisations of up to 100 full time equivalent (FTE) employees – as well as an Individual Associate membership option for individual operators. For multinational and large organisations (>100 FTEs), we offer Global and Full Membership options.

Almond Board of California

Established in 1950 and based in Modesto, California, Almond Board of California is a non-profit organization that administers a grower-enacted Federal Marketing Order under the supervision of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Almond Board is funded by an annual assessment on the marketable kernel weight of almonds and California supports growers by developing global market demand for almonds as well as investing in research to address resource efficiencies, food safety and growing practices. The Board does this on behalf of the 6,800 almond growers and 100 processors in California, many of whom are third- and fourth-generation farmers. The Board of Directors is composed of 10 members and is responsible for establishing policy, reviewing program results and effectiveness and recommending budgets and programs to the Secretary of Agriculture for approval.

 The Board’s mission is to create a rewarding environment for the production, processing and marketing of U.S. almonds through a variety of generic research and marketing activities globally. Key program areas include marketing and communications; nutrition, production and environmental research; food quality and safety; sustainability reporting and dissemination of industry data.

Yummies for Little Tummies

Yummies for Little Tummies have been partnering with childcare centres across South East Queensland for a decade to ensure that their children receive all the daytime fresh, healthy food they require for a healthy life.

It’s nutritious, it’s fresh daily, and it’s easy.

 Not only do they help children to understand and enjoy the healthy way, they’ve been taking the load off lunchboxes for busy parents, helping childcare centres meet their quality standards and supporting local farms and businesses along the way.

Yummies are nut, seafood and egg free and also offer a large variety of special dietary meals to ensure no one need miss out.

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