New VITAL Training Providers bring greater VITAL training availability to North America, Europe and online

The Allergen Bureau are thrilled to welcome three new VITAL® Training Providers. Sabal Food Safety Consulting (USA), KTBA Foodcampus (Netherland and Belgium) and HACCP Mentor (ANZ, virtual & online) will greatly expand VITAL Training offerings in North America, Europe and to virtual and online trainees.

Sabal Food Safety Consulting 

Sabal Food Safety Consulting is committed to support food manufacturers in their efforts to develop adequate controls for all the food safety hazards identified in their operations. We provide all kind of consulting and training services to achieve our mission. Among the food safety hazards, many manufactures face significant difficulties in managing allergens. Therefore, it is a good fit for Sabal Food Safety Consulting to deliver the Allergen Bureau’s VITAL training.

It is our intention to promote the VITAL training in the US and internationally. We can teach the class in English and Spanish which we consider an advantage due to the size of the population speaking those two languages. Feel free to visit our website at and check the wide portfolio of services we provide

KTBA Foodcampus

KTBA Foodcampus is a leading training agency for food professionals in the Netherlands and Belgium. KTBA Foodcampus is part of the People in Food Group, one of the largest food safety service providers in Western Europe, employing over 160 highly skilled food professionals.

The use of the VITAL Program is strongly on the rise in the Netherlands. More and more Dutch retailers are demanding that their suppliers use VITAL. While use of VITAL is increasing, knowledge about this tool is still relatively thinly spread in both the Netherlands and Belgium. This is why KTBA Foodcampus is happy to provide VITAL Training as of September 2017. Visit for more information.

HACCP Mentor

HACCP Mentor was founded with one simple objective – to make food compliance easy. This is done by helping to educate food handlers, food businesses and the food industry in food safety and food quality compliance requirements. The most obvious benefit to this is a safer food supply for everyone.

HACCP Mentor offers VITAL training internationally through their live virtual classrooms. This allows you to get up speed with managing allergens in your food business using the Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling (VITAL) Program. You can save on travel expenses by completing HACCP Mentor’s live virtual face-to-face training from the comfort of your home or office. Small class sizes also allow you to enhance your learning through personalised interaction with both the qualified instructor and other participants.

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