NZ research defines the cost of gluten free diets

cost of gluten free diets

Research done for Coeliac New Zealand has compared supermarket prices of standard food products and their gluten-free alternatives. The survey showed that eating a strict gluten-free diet could cost up to 500 per cent more than a non-restrictive diet.

Items included in the survey ranged from gluten-free pizza bases to breakfast cereals and white bread, all of which were found to be more expensive than their standard counterparts – with some up to five times the price.

The results of this year’s survey have been compared to a similar study conducted in 2010. Reports indicate that while the prices for some of the more mainstream products such as gluten-free bread were now cheaper than before, on the whole, prices for gluten-free products had remained the same. This is despite many more gluten-free products being available now, compared to six years ago.

The full article, including a price comparison table, can be accessed on the website.