How to reach the global food industry – advertise with the Allergen Bureau?

Allergen Bureau eNews advertising

With over 6,500 recipients each month, advertising in the Allergen Bureau eNews is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to present your organisation’s products and services to a targeted international audience within the global food industry.

The Allergen Bureau Ltd. accepts advertising in the eNews by members and non-members of products and services appropriate to the field of food allergens. You can choose to advertise for a single monthly edition, or take out yearly (i.e. 12 monthly editions) or 2 yearly (i.e. 24 monthly editions) advertising.

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We thank our eNews sponsors who support the production of the eNews, helping the Allergen Bureau to continue informing the food industry and the broader allergen community.

Allergen Bureau Services Directory

The Allergen Bureau Services Directory provides information on organisations and businesses who can assist you and your business in the area of food allergen management.

The Services Directory is your chance to present your organisation’s products and services 24/7 to a global food industry audience. The Services Directory is an effective and cost effective means of promoting directly to your targeted market and an opportunity to promote specialist food allergen services and products to key decision makers.

Directory categories include:

Food Science
Quality control
Training Providers

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