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International Allergen Labelling Forums 2008

Food Allergen Labeling Initiatives of The United States Food and Drug Administration (file size: 2.6 MB)
Felicia B. Billingslea, Office of Nutrition, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, College Park, Maryland

Regulatory Environment for Food Allergen Labelling in Canada: Current situation and future perspectives (file size: 780 KB)
Samuel Benrejeb Godefroy, Ph.D., Bureau of Chemical Safety Food Directorate, Health Products and Food Branch, Canada

AOAC: VITAL Allergen Risk Assessment (file size: 1.3 MB)
Fiona Fleming, Allergen Bureau

FAAN: VITAL – Update (file size: 1.7 MB)
Fiona Fleming, Allergen Bureau

FDA: VITAL Allergen Risk Assessment (file size: 768 KB)
Fiona Fleming, Allergen Bureau

Presentations – New Zealand (Auckland) Allergen Bureau Conference October 2008

Review of the Regulatory Management of Food Allergens (file size: 316 KB)
Dr Leigh Henderson, FSANZ

What does ‘may contain’ mean to the food-allergic consumer? (file size: 40 KB)
Sara-Jane Murison, Allergy New Zealand

Challenges in allergen management – a case study (file size: 576 KB)
Peter Krafft, Lion Nathan

Challenges in Allergen Management (file size: 1.8 MB)
Clive Bleaken, Business Support Manager, Quality & Compliance, Fonterra

VITAL – Future Directions (file size: 372 KB)
Kirsten Grinter, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Manager, Nestle

Update on Food Allergy Food Allergen Bureau (file size: 1.8 MB)
Vincent St Aubyn Crump FRCP(UK), FRACP, Auckland Allergy Clinic

Allergen Analysis and its role in Food Allergen Control in Production Facilities (file size: 212 KB)
Robin Sherlock, FACTA

Who, Why & What (file size: 356 KB)
Robin Sherlock & Kirsten Grinter, Allergen Bureau Management Committee Members

Presentations – Adelaide Allergen Bureau Conference September 2008

A VITAL Consumer Perspective: “May contain………” What does this mean to the allergic consumer? (file size: 477 KB)
Maria Said, Anaphylaxis Australia Inc

Customer Focused Allergen Management & Labelling (file size: 2.73 MB)
Neil McSkimming, Policy & Legislation Manager – Food, Coles Quality Team

Mars: Implementing the VITAL tool – a case study (file size: 698 KB)
Glen Drew, Mars

Allergen Bureau: Who, Why & What (file size: 2.6 MB)
Tom Lewis, Allergen Bureau Manager

VITAL – Future Directions (file size: 1022 KB)
Fiona Fleming, Allergen Bureau

Presentations – Sydney Allergen Bureau Conference April 2008

Exemption from allergen labelling for refined ingredients PDF (file size: 186 KB)
Dr Simon Brooke-Taylor, Brooke-Taylor & Co Pty Ltd

VITAL Allergen Risk Assessment February 2008 PDF (file size: 676 KB)
Allergen Bureau

Case Study – Allergen control in the manufacturing environment PDF (file size: 259 KB)
Jasmine Lacis-Lee, Parmalat

Managing Food Allergens in the School Canteen PDF (file size: 86 KB)
Healthy Kids SCA

AFGC Food Industry Product Information Form (PIF) PDF (file size: 244 KB)
Patricia Verhoeven