The Allergen Bureau’s Allergen Risk Review website is a freely available interactive guide designed to assist the food industry with understanding the allergen status of its products.

In the VITAL® Program, allergen risk review represents the holistic approach to assessing the allergen status of a food. It encompasses any systems, allergen management processes or evaluations made in order to make a labelling decision.


Allergen risk review is the process of thoroughly investigating the allergen status of food. It begins with raw materials and continues throughout the manufacturing process until the food is packed and labelled.  The risk review involves:-

  • identifying the presence of allergens that are intentionally included as part of a recipe,
  • identifying the risk of allergens that may be present due to unintentional cross contact,
  • implementing strategies to control, reduce or eliminate allergens during manufacture, and
  • quantifying cross contact allergens

Inform your VITAL risk assessment

Information collected in an allergen risk review should be used by the food company when implementing the Allergen Bureau VITAL Program – a standardised allergen risk assessment process for food industry. Allergen risk review provides essential information for use in VITAL Online, the web-based VITAL Calculator.

Explore the interactive factory map

The Allergen Risk Review website is an interactive factory map that shows where allergen risks can occur in different areas of a food manufacturing facility. It can be used to: –

  • discover how allergen management practices impact upon the allergen status of a product,
  • find specific information about allergen risk review,
  • discover ways to eliminate, reduce or control allergens,
  • identify new risk areas that may need addressing, and
  • share information with customers, suppliers, or staff

Work your way through the interactive factory map, by clicking on each icon to learn about the allergen risks and discover ways to address these challenges.

We want your feedback!

The Allergen Risk Review website is a ‘living’ resource and will be regularly updated by the Allergen Bureau based on user feedback. Please share your experience of using the Allergen Risk Review website with us and any suggestions for improvement – Contact Us at email or Phone +61 437 918 959