safefood launches a new Food Hypersensitivity portal


safefood is the public body responsible for raising consumer awareness of issues relating to food safety and healthy eating throughout Ireland. It was established in 1999 as a joint initiative of the British and Irish governments. safefood has recently advised stakeholders of forthcoming changes to the structure of the current Knowledge Networks, including the existing Food Allergy & Food Intolerance Network.

The organisation has issued a Food Hypersensitivity Strategy that sets out the aims and objectives of this area. The strategy has been formulated to build on the achievements and experience to date of the safefood Food Science Directorate. The strategy sets out five key elements, one of which is the development of a new, dedicated Food Hypersensitivity portal.

safefood is designed to inform consumers, public health and industry professionals and researchers. It provides regular alerts regarding events, resources, news items and other information, electronic newsletters and a quarterly newsletter ‘The Food Chain’. The Food Hypersensitivity portal aims to encourage collaboration, cooperation and dissemination of information among network members within Ireland. However many of the resources are relevant and useful to stakeholders around the world.

Registration for the new food hypersensitivity portal can be completed on the safefood website