A VITAL® message in Canada

VITAL in Canada

The Bureau of Chemical Safety in Health Canada’s Food Directorate and the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP) recently sponsored the Eighth Workshop on Food Allergen Methodologies in Vancouver, BC  Canada held on May 5 – 8, 2014.  The workshop was co-sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).  The workshop provided an opportunity for those interested in the field of food allergen detection  and management to  exchange information and to work towards  harmonization in the area of food allergens and analytical methods for food allergens and to discuss issues related to detection, identification, characterization, and control of allergen residues in foods.

Robin Sherlock for the Allergen Bureau and DTS FACTA presented at two sessions – one for the APEC day and also at the Methodologies workshop.  Robin presented on the Allergen Bureau’s Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling (VITAL®) framework and the work of the VITAL Scientific Expert Panel and her presentation was well received by the  audience of scientists, chemists, analysts and other representatives from government agencies, university, industry and consumer associations.  Robin’s presentation can be accessed here.

  • Other topics covered at the workshop ranged from:
  • Approaches to regulation/control of food allergen
  • Analytical method development / evaluation and validation/harmonization
  • Risk assessment / risk management Impact on methodology development
  • Development of reference materials
  • International approaches
  • Gluten-Free:  Regulatory Update and Analytical Challenges Impact of processing on food allergen detection.