VITAL Online Helpful Hint – Create an Ingredients Report

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VITAL® Online users can now easily download all allergen information for all of their ingredients into a single spreadsheet, with allergen information in the Ingredients Library of VITAL Online being able to be exported into an Ingredients Report

The ability to create an Ingredients Report showing allergen information was key functionality requested by users. The Allergen Bureau is pleased to make this new feature available – allowing your company to have a single source of allergen information that can be used in recipe building, risk review and incident management.

The Ingredients Report provides a download of all ingredients, their allergen status and their assumptions. An excerpt from an example report is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Example Ingredient Report download from VITAL Online (excerpt)

To access the Ingredient Report, navigate to the INGREDIENTS tab in VITAL Online. Click on the EXPORT button as shown in Figure 2. Select the appropriate legislation. A “.csv” report is created which can be opened in MS Excel and other compatible software.

Figure 2: EXPORT button (circled in red) in the VITAL Online INGREDIENTS tab – to create a report of ingredients and their allergen status