VITAL Online Helpful Hint – Managing and using multiple legislation

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VITAL® Online contains multiple legislation. User access to legislation is controlled by the VITAL Online Account Owner.

The Account Owner for each VITAL Online account can set default and allowed legislation for each User. This can be done when: creating a new account; adding new Users to the account; or editing existing users. Access for each User can be controlled through the User manager menu which is accessed via the Account settings (cog wheel) icon. While Users can be given access to multiple legislation, Account Owners may find it useful to restrict each User’s access only to required legislation to prevent work being completed in an incorrect legislation.

Access to legislation lists is controlled by the Account Owner through the User manager menu by setting a default legislation and one or more allowed legislation as shown in Figure 1.


It is important to note that each legislation has different allergens and allergen definitions, including different exemptions from mandatory labelling.

In VITAL Online, the appropriate legislation is selected for each ingredient, processing profile and recipe during Step 1 of creating the item. When creating a recipe under a particular legislation, only ingredients and processing profiles from the same legislation can be used as inputs. Recipes, ingredients and processing profiles cannot be copied from one legislation to another – as they contain different allergens.