VITAL Online Helpful Hint – Switch Organisation (How to Fix “Subscription Problem” Error)

It is possible that your logon details give you access to more than one organisation in VITAL Online. The most likely scenario is where a VITAL Online User will have access to both a training session organisation, or a previous trial session of VITAL Online, and their company organisation subscription. Training session organisations and trial sessions are deleted after a few weeks and then the user may get a “Subscription Problem” error when they log in to VITAL Online. This is resolved by switching into the current session (e.g. the valid subscription for their company).

Click on the User icon at the top right corner of the screen and move to the “Switch organisation” option (Figure 1). Click into the appropriate organisation. On this screen, it is possible to change the organisation that will open upon logging on to VITAL Online to the current subscription. This can be done by clicking the EDIT button next to “Your default subscription” and choosing the relevant session.