VITAL Online Helpful Hint – ‘Update All’ Functionality

VITAL hints

The “Update All” functionality in VITAL Online allows the Account Owner to update all ingredients, processing profiles and recipes in one process rather than updating each recipe individually. In VITAL Online, if any ingredient, processing profile or Reference Dose used in a recipe is changed, the recipe must be “updated” in order to carry the changes across to affected recipe.

In addition to the ability to update all outstanding recipes, a Comparison Summary Report will be created to show any changes to labelling outcome as a result of the update process.  The Update All functionality may be especially useful where there are large changes – for example, an update to Reference Doses which affects all recipes (e.g. the change from VITAL 2.0 to VITAL 3.0).

Instructions for updating all recipes are shown below:

1. Click on the Update button marked with a red circle in VITAL Online. Access this from the dashboard (click on the VITAL logo at the top left hand corner of screen which is marked with an arrow).

2. The count of outdated recipes is shown on the screen. Click on Update All to start the update. The update may take a few minutes. Use the Refresh button as required.

3. When the update process is complete, a Comparison Summary Report will be created by legislation. The report can be downloaded and used to check for any significant changes (such as changes to Labelling Outcomes).