VITAL Online Helpful Hint – Using Recipes as Ingredients

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The new “Recipes to ingredients” functionality in VITAL Online has been developed in response to feedback from VITAL Training Providers and VITAL Users. The Allergen Bureau is pleased to have utilised VITAL Online subscription funds toward the addition of this user requested functionality to meet industry needs.

“Recipes to ingredients” functionality allows for one or more recipes created in VITAL Online to be used as ingredients in subsequent VITAL Online recipes. Using a recipe as an ingredient is particularly useful where a food product is comprised of several manufactured components – such as, a cake with icing.

In this example, three recipes would be created in VITAL Online: one for Cake; one for Icing; and one for Cake with icing. The recipes to ingredients functionality can then be used when populating the ingredients in the VITAL Online recipe for Cake with icing. The Cake and the Icing are available as ingredients at the Add ingredients stage of creating a recipe as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Add ingredients stage of Creating a recipe. “Cake” and “Icing” are previously created recipes and they are each available to be added to subsequent recipes as ingredients.



  • Using the Cake with icing example: Each component may have a different yield and creating a separate recipe for Cake and Icing will take into account the effect of the different yields on the concentration of cross contact allergens.
  • Recipes can be created using a mix of other recipes as ingredients and just ingredients.
  • Where there is a change to a recipe which is used as an ingredient, then that change will be updated in the final recipe.
  • Recipes which use recipes as ingredients can subsequently be used as ingredients.
  • Only the allergen status of the recipe is carried over – that is, to view all the assumptions and details of a recipe used as an ingredient, the report should be included separately.