VITAL® Online Helpful Hints – Add User & Security

VITAL hints

VITAL® Online is the Allergen Bureau’s new user-friendly, web-based VITAL Calculator. VITAL Online can be accessed now for a Free One Month Trial.

Helpful Hint – Add User

One key person within your organisation – who will be the VITAL Online account owner for your organisation – should register your company for a VITAL Online account. The account owner will manage and grant access to the people who will use your organisations VITAL Online account.

To add a new person to your VITAL Online account, click on the ‘cog wheel’ icon in the top menu bar, select ‘User manager’, click on the “+ ADD USER” button and then enter the new users email address. The new user will then receive an email with their user name (i.e. their email address) and their password.


Helpful Hint – Security

VITAL Online uses similar security practices and protocols as those applied to other secure online services, such as banking and telecommunication systems. This includes the use of encryption, monitoring, auditing and intrusion detection to protect information travelling between users and the VITAL Online platform as well as information stored on our servers. The Allergen Bureau has no access to commercially sensitive information stored or created by the VITAL Online platform and only limited access to account creation and subscription management information for administrative purposes.

Each VITAL Online account is configured at creation with one account owner and this person is responsible for all access to their account by any additional users. No access can be granted to a VITAL Online account unless approved by the account owner. The account owner is provided with the functionality to manage additional users’ access levels to their account, including the ability to view those granted access, instantly remove or disable access by those additional users granted access and can also apply object level permissions to data within their account.

The account owner can enable additional security features on their account such as a requirement that all users have the same domain name in their email address – so you can restrict users to only those with your organisations domain name. For a domain name of,  is valid, while  is not valid. The domain name can be enforced when you register for VITAL Online or by clicking on the ‘cog wheel’ icon in the top menu bar, select ‘Update details’ and then select ‘Enforce domain’.

See the VITAL Online Privacy Policy.