VITAL Online Helpful Hints – ‘Create an Ingredient library’ & ‘Monthly subscription’

VITAL hints

Helpful Hint – Create an Ingredient library

Use the ingredient library, accessed via the INGREDIENTS tab, to create and manage ingredients which can be accessed by all VITAL® Online users on your account. Ingredients created within the RECIPES tab cannot be used in other recipes.

A useful feature of VITAL Online is the ability to create an ingredient library. Ingredients entered in the ingredient library, via the INGREDIENTS tab, can be used in multiple recipes and any changes to the allergen status of an ingredient from the ingredient library will flow through to all the recipes in which the ingredient is used.

You can create ingredients within a recipe too, but these ingredients cannot be used again in other recipes without re-entering the information. The logic of this system was to enter ‘approved’ ingredients, for all users on your account to access, in the ingredient library. Create an ingredient from the RECIPES tab when using a trial ingredient to which you don’t want other users to access.

To create an ingredient library, navigate to the INGREDIENT tab of VITAL Online to add ingredients.

When creating a recipe, you will have access to the ingredients in the library by searching on them by name or reference code. Untitled

Helpful Hint – Monthly subscription option

Some VITAL Online users may only need to access their VITAL Online account infrequently – say once or twice a year, for audit purposes or to meet their supplier requirements. The renewable monthly subscription option provides infrequent users with a cost-effective way of accessing VITAL Online while retaining your ingredient and recipe information for the next time you choose to access VITAL Online.

To increase user accessibility, and in response to some VITAL users feedback that they only use the VITAL Calculator from time-to-time, the Allergen Bureau has created a monthly subscription option for VITAL Online. The monthly subscription option is only available to non-members of the Allergen Bureau and there is no limit to the number of times your VITAL Online account can be accessed through a monthly subscription.

Default setting for monthly plans is for “Auto-renewal” of a monthly credit card payment. Select “Disable Auto-Renewal” under “Billing and Subscriptions” to manually control the frequency of your monthly VITAL Online subscription renewal. All ingredient and recipe information will be retained for the next time you choose to access VITAL Online by a monthly plan.

It is of note that this option is not needed by Allergen Bureau members because our Allergen Bureau members receive a discount of more than 85% for access to VITAL Online all of the time!! The yearly subscription plan for Allergen Bureau members is available at a lower cost than the monthly plan for non-members. We highly recommend you consider the benefits of becoming an Allergen Bureau member.

The Allergen Bureau offers a range of flexible subscription packages – tailored to meet the size of your organisation and the frequency of use. See the VITAL Online subscription packages.

VITAL Online can be accessed now for a Free One Month Trial.