VITAL Online Helpful Hints – ‘Creating and managing folders’

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A great user-friendly feature of VITAL® Online is the ability to create folders that you can use to easily and effectively store and manage your VITAL assessments. When you create folders within VITAL Online, you can arrange recipes under different categories – such as within different divisions, sites, or product lines within your company. Each folder can be customised to control User access to the information, providing an extra level of security within your organisation.

Folders are created under the RECIPES tab in VITAL Online. Folders can be created within another folder – the parent folder – and nested hierarchically. This allows you to create and manage recipes within a series of nested folders. To create a folder you must be in the view recipes as a folder option – which is the small folder icon to the right of the ‘+ Create a Folder’ button.

Access to folders and recipes can be controlled in your VITAL Online account by using the ‘Edit Permissions’ functionality. User permission options are:

  • Write – the highest level of access. The User has full access and can edit and delete the folder or recipe
  • Read – the folder or recipe can be viewed by the User but not edited or deleted
  • None – this User has no access to view the folder or recipe.


The VITAL Online Account Owner for your organisation has full access to all folders and recipes.

In VITAL Online, folders for which a User has been granted access are shown in grey. Folders where the User does not have access are shown in orange. In this example, this VITAL Online User can access the ‘Licorice’ folder, but they do not have access to the ‘Gum’ folder or ‘Lollies’ folder.