VITAL Online Helpful Hints

At the Allergen Bureau free helpline, we regularly receive enquiries from VITAL® Online users seeking assistance with managing their subscriptions or guidance on particular aspects of using VITAL Online in their allergen risk assessments.

A series of VITAL Online Helpful Hints are available from the Allergen Bureau website, VITAL Online webpage to help users with managing and using VITAL Online – the user-friendly, web-based VITAL Calculator. There is even a short 5 minute demonstration video on using VITAL Online!

For our helpline team, quite often it is simply a matter of directing enquiries to the relevant Helpful Hint to successfully respond to the industry enquiry. Some of the most common VITAL Online Helpful Hints we direct people to are:

No matter if you are a new or regular VITAL Online user, we recommend that you take the time to view this great user resource of Helpful Hints.

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