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  • Easy to use
  • Simultaneous updates of new science
  • Flexible subscription packages – tailored to meet the size of your organisation and the frequency of use
  • Significant member discounts to access and subscribe

VITAL Online allows you to:

  • create a VITAL Action Level Grid report based on Reference Amount/Serving Size
  • create a library of ingredients and processing profiles for your organisation that can be used in multiple recipes
  • assess likely sources of allergen cross contact from raw materials and the processing environment
  • review the ability to reduce allergenic material from all contributing sources
  • evaluate the amount of allergen present in a defined Reference Amount/Serving Size against the VITAL Action Levels
  • use a particular precautionary allergen statement according to the level of allergen cross contact identified

The VITAL Program produces a ‘labelling outcome’ that summarises the food allergens present in a food due to intentional inclusion as part of a recipe and where food allergens, present due to cross contact, should be included (or not) on the label in the form of the precautionary statement ‘May be present: allergen x, allergen y.’.

Support for the development of VITAL® Online has been provided by Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) through the SME Solution Centre program FIAL

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