By Allergen Bureau

Do Restaurants Take Food Allergies Seriously Enough?

An expert panel at New Food’s recent Food Safety Conference 2022 was invited to discuss whether or not food allergy regulations in restaurants are sufficient. Highlights from the debate have been published on the New Food Magazine’s website.

Speakers included Iain Ferris, Regulatory Affairs Professor at the University of Birmingham, Christina Romero, Product Manager for Allergens at Eurofins Technologies, and Liljia Polo-Richards, Director of Allergy Companions Limited.

Various questions posed to the panel included “Are restaurant allergy restrictions too strict?” “Is the signing of a declaration form upon entering a restaurant lawful?” and “Who is to blame for an allergic reaction caused by lack of communication?”

While much detail is presented in the article, a concluding summary succinctly captures the essence of the responses provided by the speakers:
Are restaurant regulations strict enough? Most likely.
Are restaurants taking [food allergies] seriously? Perhaps not all of them.
What’s needed? Better staff training and possibly a new law. 

Read the full article on the New Food Magazine’s website.