Dec 3, 2024 - Dec 4, 2024

8th International Conference Food Allergens


Representatives from the industry, the authorities as well as from the medical and scientific fields are presenting the most pressing questions on food allergens at this conference. These include how to deal with clinical aspects and consumer safety, regulatory aspects and scientific matters, as well as industry practice and analytical approaches.

The FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Risk Assessment of Allergens from 2020 to 2023 was tasked by Codex and proposed a comprehensive overhaul of the way allergens are managed globally. Starting with a review of the criteria for priority allergens and the current list, it identified Reference Doses for those allergens, guided by a clear and transparent food safety objective and following a defined scientific analysis. The Consultation then addressed the application of those Reference Doses in the management of allergens, with an emphasis on Precautionary Allergen Labelling, but also considering how they could help the definition of exemptions from allergen labelling.

The conference brings together representatives from regulatory and industry backgrounds, as well as political decision-makers to discuss about the FAO/WHO Initiative on food allergen risk assessment and the main conclusions and implications of the Expert Consultation’s work. It keeps track of clinical aspects, advances in food analysis and their suitability as well as on recent developments in risk assessment, risk communication and risk management.

A specifically hot topic at the moment is the new use of existing proteins and existing proteins being processed in new ways and moreover, we are looking at emerging allergens from a number of perspectives.

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