Sep 22, 2025 - Sep 24, 2025

Food Allergy Forum – 4th International Conference


The 4th international conference of the Food Allergy Forum will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 22-24 September 2025.

The main objectives of the Food Allergy Forum are: providing a unique platform for the food industry, science, and regulatory authorities to exchange information and experiences on the various aspects of food allergy; reviewing current knowledge related to food allergy; and discussing strategies for prevention and control of food allergy ensuring food safety and protecting human health.

The 4th international conference of the Food Allergy Forum will focus on food allergen risk assessment and risk management to improve the protection of the food allergic consumer; allergenicity assessment to prevent allergies to new food products; and maintenance and optimisation of immune health to improve prevention and therapy.

The topics of the 4th international conference of the Food Allergy Forum are intended to meet the needs of the food industry, food researchers, food professionals and professionals active in the area of immune optimisation who want to be updated on the progress and possibilities in this field.

The general Conference chair Geert Houben and the Advisory Committee are looking forward to meeting you in September 2025 in Amsterdam!

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