By Allergen Bureau

For $2bn, Nestlé moves to own world-first peanut allergy treatment

Nestlé Health Science has entered into an agreement to buy Aimmune Therapeutics, the company that developed and launched the only FDA-approved treatment for peanut allergy.

Palforzia® is an oral immunotherapy designed to help reduce the frequency and severity of allergic reactions to peanuts in children aged 4 through 17 years. Until the FDA approval of Palforzia earlier this year, the only option for those with peanut allergy was total avoidance of peanut, including anything that may potentially contain traces of peanut protein. According to Nestle, their acquisition of Aimmune extends their food allergy portfolio and creates a broader spectrum of solutions for children living with food allergies.

The CEO of Aimmune says the acquisition ensures a necessary level of support for Palforzia as well as the development of other therapies that may benefit people with food allergies.

The family of one of the first patients to progress to the maintenance phase of the oral immunotherapy since Palforzia was approved by the FDA has shared their story, providing further insight into the impact of this treatment on people with peanut allergy.

Additional reports point to some of the potential difficulties Palforzia faces in gaining market traction, including the cost of the life-long treatment, gastrointestinal side-effects for patients and restrictions imposed on allergy clinics due to the COVID-19 pandemic.