By Allergen Bureau

Insightful common sense learnings shared by HJ Langdon & Co the Allergen Bureau’s Julie Newlands Award recipient

Together with AIFST, the Allergen Bureau is proud to present the Julie Newlands Award to HJ Langdon & Co. This award recognises the late Julie Newlands, inaugural director and honorary treasurer of the Allergen Bureau, and a fabulous and passionate advocate for best practice allergen management in Australia.

This award also recognises businesses leading the way in Australia and aims to promote best practice allergen management in the food industry. The award also encourages food industry sectors to adopt a consistent, science-based approach to food allergen risk assessment, management, and communication, for the benefit of the allergen sensitive consumer.

Together with AIFST, the Allergen Bureau is pleased to interview the team at this year’s award recipient HJ Langdon & Co, who have shared some fantastic insight into food allergen management, their common sense approach, and their ongoing commitment and passion to making a difference in the food industry, sharing some key learnings in this interview.

Please join us in congratulating HJ Langdon & Co on this prestigious industry award.