By Allergen Bureau

Parliamentary inquiry into the rise of food allergies in Australia

More than four million people in Australia are now affected by allergies and over the past 20 years, hospital admissions for anaphylaxis have increased five-fold. In response to this growing public health issue, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport has commenced an inquiry into allergies and anaphylaxis in Australia.  

The Committee will look into the potential and known causes of allergies and anaphylaxis, food and drug allergy management, access and cost of services, as well as treatment and support services. They will also look at whether there is anything further the Government could be doing to make life easier for people living with allergies and anaphylaxis.

Other areas being investigated include developments into research and prevention of allergies and anaphylaxis, unscientific diagnosis and treatments being used by some consumers, and the impact of unnecessary drug avoidance due to unconfirmed drug allergies.

The public, health professionals, and other organisations are invited to comment, with submissions from interested parties being taken until Thursday 24 October 2019. For more information or to post a submission, go to the Parliament Australia website.