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Allergenen Consultancy provides training, advice and laboratory analysis of food allergens for food industry, retail and food service.

Allergenen Consultancy is a specialist on allergen management for food industry across Europe. We provide specialized and practical advice and training. Open training courses on allergen management and VITAL are offered on a regular basis. As classroom training at different locations throughout The Netherlands and Belgium for Dutch speaking participants. But also as virtual training in Teams or Zoom. Virtual training is provided in Dutch or English. We use two trainers and breakout rooms for maximum support and interaction. Of course, in-company training for operators and staff or custom made courses are possible as well. Discuss your needs with us!

Allergenen Consultancy also offers laboratory service for ELISA, PCR, sulphite, lactose (HPLC, HPAEC-PAD and enzymatic), LC-MSMS analysis and turbidity testing. Advice on the most appropriate method for each sample and interpretation of results, including conversion to and comparison with VITAL action levels is included. We can support in case of a recall.
Visit our webshop for a broad range of rapid tests like lateral flow allergen tests, total protein tests, ATP tests, UV training materials for (hand) hygiene and riboflavin cleaning validation tests.

For further information contact Marjan van Ravenhorst – Director