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The Diligence. customer base includes small family-owned operations through to large multi-national food manufacturers. The team at Diligence. provide virtual, public, in-house training and technical support solutions to the food industry. Our team have a combined food industry experience of >100 years working in national and international technical roles with postgraduate qualifications in food science, nutrition, food technology, microbiology, product development and law.

Diligence. are Australasia’s leaders in food safety. We provide training services in food safety, food fraud, allergen management, VITAL and various GFSI Standards (delivered face-to-face, virtual or online). Diligence. also delivers comprehensive technical support services (labelling, NIP panels, claims, investigations, supplier disputes, Standards development, food fraud, food safety and food threat risk assessments, auditor development). Diligence. has 20+ years global experience in the conduct of GFSI and retailer Standard audits for the world’s largest and respected Certification Bodies. Diligence. supply a range of audit services (3rd party certification audits, GFSI gap audits, supplier audits and focused audits on identified issues).

For further information please contact Margaret Balfour – Principal