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FACTS has been providing its food industry clients with allergen consulting and testing services for almost 20 years. South Africa’s allergen regulations – which mandate precautionary allergen labelling – are among the most vigilant in the world, and have been since 2010. This regulatory environment has given the FACTS team a unique opportunity to hone their skills and help their clients solve complex allergen management, testing and precautionary-labelling challenges. We are well positioned to tackle challenging issues, and dedicated to providing practical allergen management training, coaching, and consulting services.

FACTS, through its multidisciplinary and connected team, offers the food and allied industries great depth and breadth of knowledge within one company. Our synergy of skills (medicine, food science, food technology, dietetics, genetics, biochemistry and commerce) gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to offer unparalleled expertise in the analytical, nutritional, regulatory, advisory and educational domains, providing vital advantages to our clients.

FACTS is the ‘go-to’ company for customised and practical solutions for any query, big or small. We offer our clients peace of mind through our holistic, comprehensive and customer-centric services, so they can deliver safe and authentic food to consumers.

We continually invest in our people, technology and partnerships, to ensure that we sustain our solid foundation in scientific excellence. Our committed team of researchers has a strong presence in local and international networks and collaborative projects and is known as a trusted scientific workforce, referenced by academia, industry and government.