By Allergen Bureau

Unexpected Allergens In Food: Updated Guidance Available Now

The Allergen Bureau is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 Unexpected Allergens in Food guidance document.

This guide provides the food industry with a list of foods, ingredients and raw materials that may unexpectedly contain allergens. It also provides food business operators (FBOs) with questions that they can ask their suppliers to support their allergen risk review process.

This revised and updated 2021 version of the previous 2011 Unexpected Allergens in Food contains an expanded and updated list of foods, as well as new information about agricultural co-mingling and food fraud. A new inclusion are case studies that show the complexity in the supply chain, where allergens may be unexpectedly incorporated as a result of agricultural co-mingling in food.

The Allergen Bureau thanks the Agricultural allergen cross contact Working Group who put together the new agricultural co-mingling content and the FBOs – comprising processors, manufacturers, traders, and retailers – who kindly shared their allergen-investigation expertise.

FBOs who wish to suggest the addition of a food to the Unexpected Allergens in Food are invited to contact the Allergen Bureau.

Download the Unexpected Allergens in Food Guide