By Allergen Bureau

Walking The Allergy Tightrope: Addressing The Rise Of Allergies And Anaphylaxis In Australia. 

In response to rising allergies and anaphylaxis concerns, the Australian Government has issued a response to the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care, and Sport’s inquiry report titled “Walking the Allergy Tightrope: Addressing the Rise of Allergies and Anaphylaxis in Australia.” 

This comprehensive response acknowledges the substantial challenges faced by millions affected by allergies in our country and aims to improve diagnosis, treatment, and support for allergy sufferers. The report highlights various issues, including access to specialists, education for healthcare professionals, food labelling complexities, and alternative treatments. 

This response holds immense significance as it addresses the pressing issue of rising allergies and anaphylaxis incidents in our country. Stay tuned for insights into the government’s plans and strategies outlined in response to this report, including increasing industry awareness and use of the Allergen Bureau VITAL ® Program 

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