Managing food allergen risks in industry

about the Allergen Bureau

Helping consumers know the allergen risks for your products

The Allergen Bureau is the peak industry body representing food industry allergen management in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Mission – Consistent, science-based, allergen risk assessment and labelling.

The overall objective of the Allergen Bureau is to share information and experience within the food industry on the management of food allergens to ensure consumers receive relevant, consistent and easy to understand information on food allergens.

The Allergen Bureau was established in 2005 and operates on a membership basis. See who Our Members are.

The Allergen Bureau provides rapid responses to questions concerning the management of food allergen risks in food ingredients and manufactured foods in Australia and New Zealand. Send enquiries to or phone 0437 918 959 in Australia and + 61 437 918 959 for International callers. Member enquiries will be acknowledged within 2 working days and considered responses given within 5 working days.

Most of the visitors to the Allergen Bureau website are from either Oceania or Europe.  About 47% of website visitors are from Oceania (Australia is 41% and New Zealand is 6% of total visitors) and 28% are from Europe (UK 7%; Germany; 4%; The Netherlands 3%; France 3%, Spain 2%, Italy 2% of total visitors). The Americas make up 12% of visitors (USA 9% and Canada 2% of total visitors); Asia 10% (India 2%; Thailand 1%; Singapore 1% of total visitors); and Africa 1% (South Africa <1% of total website visitors). These visitors include representatives from food industries in these countries as well as research groups and consumers.

The growth in the incidence of food allergens is an international phenomena. The Allergen Bureau draws on and disseminates information from all over the world on food regulations and the latest scientific research on food allergens including emerging food allergens.

The Allergen Bureau is a wonderful example of cooperation amongst competitors in the food industry, with national and multi-national food manufacturing and marketing companies, suppliers, importers, exporters, retailers and consumer groups sharing information on managing the risks of food allergens in industry in the interests of consumers.

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Constitution of the Allergen Bureau (PDF)

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