By Allergen Bureau

Allergens As A Food Safety Hazard: Identifying And Communicating The Risk  

Did you know that our Director Jasmine Lacis-Lee together with Dr Simon Brooke-Taylor and Allergen Bureau manager Lisa Clark have published ‘Allergens as a Food Safety Hazard: Identifying and Communicating the Risk’ as one of the stand-alone chapters published online in the Elsevier Reference Collection in Food Science?  

The now published chapter explores why food allergens need to be identified as a food safety hazard by food business operators. With the increasing prevalence of food allergy in the global population, coupled with a global supply chain of food ingredients and foods produced, the identification and management of food allergens, to reduce the risk of unintended allergen presence, is key to ensuring food allergic consumers are protected from unexpected adverse reactions. Communication to at risk consumers of both intentionally added and unintentionally present allergens requires a standardized approach, using best practice methodology to assess, and communicate the risk using simple, clear language.  

Elsevier is a global leader in information and analytics, helping researchers and healthcare professionals’ advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. This online collection in Food Science forms the definitive source for those entering, researching, or teaching in any of the many disciplines making up this interdisciplinary area of study. This resource is designed to serve as an in depth and comprehensive compendium of Food sciences. 

Full reference:  Allergens as a Food Safety Hazard: Identifying and Communicating the Risk Jasmine Lacis-Lee a,b, Simon Brooke-Taylor c, and Lisa Clark b, a The Allergen Bureau, Hobart, TAS, Australia; b BVAQ, Brisbane, QLD, Australia; and c Brooke-Taylor & Co Pty Ltd, Milawa, VIC, Australia