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Have you got an allergen management question? Contact the Allergen Bureau FREE helpline NOW!

The Allergen Bureau provides rapid responses1 to questions concerning the management of food allergen risks in food ingredients and manufactured foods in Australia and New Zealand. Phone 0437 918 959 for Australia and + 61 437 918 959 for International, or email us at

The overall objective of the Allergen Bureau is to share information and experience within the food industry on the management of food allergens to ensure consumers receive relevant, consistent and easy to understand information on food allergens. To this end, the Allergen Bureau helpline service was established as one of our first initiatives for industry in 2005. Since then, the Allergen Bureau has responded to well over one thousand individual enquiries from the ANZ and global food industry.

The Allergen Bureau has engaged skilled food allergen experts to provide this dedicated helpline service for members and the broader food industry. Responses to general allergen management enquiries are provided by Dr Simon Brooke-Taylor (Allergen Bureau Scientific and Technical Support and member of the VITAL Scientific Expert Panel) while Georgina Christensen (Allergen Bureau VITAL Coordinator) provides answers to all your questions regarding the VITAL Program and using VITAL Online. Both Simon and Georgina are assisted by Lisa Warren (Allergen Bureau Support) as required.

For answers to some of our most common helpline questions, such as ‘Can I label my product as “allergen name free”?’, or ‘What are the food allergen labelling requirements in ANZ?’ see our Food Allergen FAQs.

  1. Allergen Bureau Member enquiries and VITAL Online subscriber enquiries will be acknowledged within 2 working days and considered responses given within 5 working days – although we are pleased to say we are usually much quicker than that and generally respond on the same or next day!Non-members are only able to access the Allergen Bureau phone and email information service as a priority for one enquiry. Subsequent enquiries and requests for assistance by non-members will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as time and resources allow.