By Allergen Bureau

New Associate Members for 2019 Allergen Bureau membership year

The Allergen Bureau was pleased to welcome 10 new small to medium enterprises as Associate Members: Category A, B or C in our 2019 membership year. Allergen Bureau Associate Memberships provide an effective way for organisations of less than 100 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees to access many benefits of Allergen Bureau membership, such as significant discounts on VITAL Online subscriptions and VITAL Training, while demonstrating commitment and a proactive approach to staff, suppliers, customers and regulatory authorities.

Our new Associate Members Category A, B or C for 2019 are:

Agrifood Technology is an independent testing laboratory servicing the food and feed industry. It provides analytical testing services in various fields including grain, fruit and vegetables, processed food, fodder and flour milling markets. Food quality and safety tests include nutritional panel analysis, mycotoxin, chemical residue, heavy metals, microbiological and allergen testing.

Baxters Foods Australia Pty Ltd develop and manufacture quality organic and non organic products within various categories, using only the best ingredients. We are always striving to find new and innovative ways to make our recipes even tastier, yet still maintaining the same values and traditions that made our name world famous.

Compaxo is a family owned, Netherlands-based, business, with a history spanning back five generations. It was officially founded 1921, but the family had been inseparably associated with the butchery trade for much longer. In 1855, the first activities related to the preparation of meat products took place in the Gouda town center. Products include dried sausage products; ham products; cooked and smoked sausage products and more.

Dafco (Dutch Allergy Friendly Concepts) are part of a group of companies that have been engaged in manufacturing gluten-free products since 1702 (!), although they were not aware of that 300 years ago. Dafco supply both ingredients and ready-made gluten-free products to customers. However, their strength and focus are on the packaging or re-packaging of gluten-free (bulk) products in gluten-free consumer packaging.

Dessert Factory is a Belgian family-owned business whose history in the production of authentic, simple and delightful desserts extends back six generations of bakers. Dessert Factory perfectly combines homemade recipes with high quality, Belgian and 100% natural raw materials.

Dicky Bill Australia is a 4th generation farming business that specialises in Baby Leaf Salads. Our passion is supplying the freshest and highest quality salad lines to the customer as quickly as possible. We want every customer to enjoy eating our salad as much as we have growing it for you.

Menken Orlando BV is an internationally-operating, family-run company with a long tradition. We develop and supply innovative food concepts for retail and food service clients throughout Europe. These concepts can be supplied as a private label or as part of a Menken Orlando brand.  

PMFresh (Primo Moraitis Fresh) pride ourselves in our extensive experience and expertise in the fresh food industry. We specialise in creating and producing fresh ingredients, ready-to-eat salads and fresh convenience foods. Our approach is to ensure the highest quality food standards across everything we do and within our four manufacturing facilities across Australia.

Romer Labs Australia. Romer Labs offers a broad range of innovative diagnostic solutions covering mycotoxins, food pathogens, food allergens, gluten, GMO, veterinary drug residues, and other food contaminants. Romer Labs offers the most complete portfolio of allergen test kits for the qualitative (AgraStrip®) and quantitative (AgraQuant®) analysis of food allergens. These tests can be used for different applications, and cover all steps in the food production process.

Van Dyck Fine Foods have a passion for pancakes and we think ours are pretty special. You see, we’ve sourced the best ingredients and combined them with our authentic Belgian recipes. Our products make for a perfect breakfast treat, snack or dessert that will wow your taste buds every time.

In addition to these new 10 new Associate Members, 13 Individual Members (Associate Member Category D) joined the Allergen Bureau in 2019. Individual memberships are a cost effective way for you to enjoy many of the benefits of the Allergen Bureau’s member companies.

Our Members include icons of the food industry. Small to medium and large food industry businesses in manufacturing, supply or sales involving food allergens, are encouraged to join the Allergen Bureau. Want more information on the benefits of Allergen Bureau membership? – Click here now or call us directly on +61 437 918 959