By Allergen Bureau

Recent Strategy Workshop Strengthens Allergen Bureau’s Path Forward 

The Allergen Bureau recently conducted a two-day strategy workshop in Sydney, uniting key members of the Management Committee and Board. This event marked a pivotal occasion for our organisation to convene as a collaborative team and help chart the course for our future objectives. 

We thank and acknowledge our valuable member input across our many projects and working groups. Prior to our strategy workshop we reviewed member feedback regarding our value proposition and opportunities as a membership based not for profit entity. 

During the workshop, we engaged in comprehensive discussions, including a thorough assessment of our strengths and weaknesses as a not-for-profit entity. This introspective evaluation aims to enhance our operational efficiency and effectiveness and better support our members and industry partners. 

A significant portion of our discussions centered around best practice in the ever-evolving food allergen management landscape. We explored the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, aiming to position ourselves at the forefront of industry education. Our goal is to remain a reliable and innovative resource, educating the food industry on how best to support allergic consumers via best practice risk assessment and food labelling. 

Central to our vision is our unwavering commitment to the allergic consumer, who remains the heart of our brand purpose. With their safety and well-being as our guiding principle, we considered new and innovative ways to better serve their needs and expectations via food industry support. 

The workshop served as an inspiring platform for idea generation and knowledge sharing. We collectively envisioned the future of the Allergen Bureau, ensuring that our efforts remain relevant and aligned with the industry’s progress. 

As we move forward, we are excited to share the outcomes of our strategy workshop with you. Our commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to advancing allergen management practices remains steadfast. Stay tuned as we progress on this journey, shaping a safer and more inclusive food industry.