By Allergen Bureau

Reflection on Winning the Julie Newlands Award

We recently caught up with Jo Price from HJ Langdon & Co. on winning last year’s Allergen Bureau/AIFST Julie Newland’s Award. This award recognises the late Julie Newlands, inaugural director and honorary treasurer of the Allergen Bureau, and a fabulous and passionate advocate for best practice allergen management in Australia.

Why did you nominate for the award?

Primarily to benchmark that we were applying our knowledge and interpretation of allergen control in an appropriate way.

What was the best part about winning the Julie Newlands award?

The award validated our collective thinking and gave a nod to the team that we are managing allergens well. Allergen management has a lot of aspects to consider, and it is not easy. This award helped us celebrate that commitment with an external nod of approval.

How did you find the prize?  

The prize was fantastic as it allowed me to attend another country’s conference which was a great experience. There are a lot of philosophical differences toward the industry between NZ and Aust, yet we share the same food standard which is amazing and a great use of resource. Having to attend during this covid period was a little unsettling e.g., not wanting to get covid before attending and wasting the prize. As this prize was awarded to the business initially, I was going to give this opportunity to another team member but with staff change over and fear of covid for those identified that became a bit more difficult. I do however love the opportunity the NZ recent winner has, and that is to attend FAM’s 

What did you learn in the process?

The application process forced a methodical validation of your processes which reminded me of how far we have come. It was nerve racking to put yourself out there and be judged. 

How important is it to share your success so others can learn?

This is really important. This is a great opportunity without competitor constraint to learn and improve from others. There is an opportunity to share more through a case study from the winners, showcasing what sets them apart, so there is greater learning opportunity.

This award recognises businesses leading the way in Australia and aims to promote best practice allergen management in the food industry. The award also encourages food industry sectors to adopt a consistent, science-based approach to food allergen risk assessment, management, and communication, for the benefit of the allergen sensitive consumer.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to nominate best practice allergen management in practice. Nominations close on July 14th. Click here for more info.