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The Allergen Bureau launches new corporate website and brand new website platform for VITAL® Online

As the peak industry body representing food industry allergen management, the aim of the Allergen Bureau is to lead the global food industry in best practice food allergen management guidance – created for industry, by industry. The launch of the new and improved corporate website, and brand new website platform for VITAL®  Online is a huge step forward.

Anticipating the drive to lead the global food industry, the Allergen Bureau has recently embarked on a refresh of their trusted brand, with consistent representation across all digital touchpoints, making it even easier for the Allergen Bureau to communicate with, and inform the food industry. “Two exciting developments have come to fruition this week with the launch of a new Allergen Bureau website and a new website platform for VITAL Online. This will see our two most important digital platforms greatly improved in terms of usability and mobile friendliness for easy access to information ‘on the go’” says Ray Murphy, Allergen Bureau’s Manager.

Along with interactive news and events pages with easy search functions, updated industry FAQs, conference presentations and access to the Allergen Bureau’s free helpline services, the most exciting part of the new Allergen Bureau website is the essential three step Industry Guidance page. This highlights three best practice guidance resources to help every food producer understand what they must know about allergen management and labelling, being 1) the Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling for Australia and New Zealand – PEAL updated edition; 2) the Allergen Bureau’s Allergen Risk Review website; and 3) the Food Industry Guide to the Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling (VITAL) Program.

VITAL is an initiative of the Allergen Bureau to make a single simple standardised precautionary statement available to assist food producers in presenting allergen advice consistently for allergic consumers. The Allergen Bureau has responded to advances in web-based technology, and embarked on a rebuild of the VITAL Online application to improve performance, manageability, and reliability of the VITAL Online platform. You will now be able to access the brand new VITAL Online website for the VITAL Online Calculator, VITAL Science, VITAL Training, the VITAL Standard, and more via the new VITAL Online portal” says Georgina Christensen, VITAL Coordinator

Ultimately our vision, along with all of those working in the allergy space, is for a trusted food supply for allergen sensitive consumers around the world. The new Allergen Bureau website and launch of the VITAL Online platform is a key milestone in delivering to that vision, and two key resources for making available essential industry guidance.

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