By Allergen Bureau

The VITAL Program And ED05 

Although the Allergen Bureau has been busy working in the background, it has been a while since we updated you on our move to adopt ED05.

There are many different stakeholders globally with varied knowledge of the application of the VITAL program and how it underpins PAL labelling decisions. The Allergen Bureau felt it important to ensure that we listened and understood from these stakeholders, the opportunities and challenges the transition to ED05 may present to our global stakeholders.

Listed below are the various projects that the Allergen Bureau has undertaken to ensure the industry and the consumer are supported through this change. These include but are not limited to:

  • FAQs to help businesses and consumer groups answer the questions and internal concerns raised in your business.
  • Commitment to update the existing ANZ consensus statement on Food Allergen Management to include responsibilities of key parties concerning PAL labelling.
  • Data collection and analysis for our PAL survey, which is likely to provide insight into the impact on products currently risk-assessed with PAL, after a transition to ED05.
  • Consideration and documentation on how to modify VITAL Online, both immediately and in the future, to meet VITAL Online users’ needs.
  • Preparation to add the new Dutch legislation to VITAL Online

Discussions with both global and local stakeholders have proven fruitful, informing our work over the last year and will help guide a smooth transition for both industry and consumers later in the year.